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Latest Reviews
Micro Touch Magic Max Review

Micro Touch Magic Max Review

The Micro Touch Trimmer is a battery-powered men’s personal grooming device that trims hair anywhere with micro trimmer precision. The Micro Touch Gets as close as a blade, yet it’s safe to the touch. It’s great for sideburns, bushy eyebrows, the Flint MI payday loans back of the neck, mustaches, beards, etc.   The Microtouch […]

Aluma Wallet Review

Use the Aluma Wallet because it secures and protects what you have inside. The Aluma Wallet is the trendiest wallet that does more than hold your things. The Aluma Wallet keeps credit cards protected, prevents stuff from getting crumpled, and prevents your stuff from getting wet! Learn more about this newest accessory that will secure […]

Slap Chop Review

You might have seen the new, hilarious, commercial from that crazy guy who sells the Sham Wows. His new gadget is the Slap Chop and it’s actually a nice step up from normal choppers. I first saw the commercial while I was up late at night eating nachos. I had actually spent about 20 minutes chopping […]