Feb 102011

You might have seen the new, hilarious, commercial from that crazy guy who sells the Sham Wows. His new gadget is the Slap Chop and it’s actually a nice step up from normal choppers. I first saw the commercial while I was up late at night eating nachos. I had actually spent about 20 minutes chopping all my onions, peppers, beans and cheese and nuking it all in the microwave. I nearly missed the funny commercial because I was slap-chopping so long! The funniest line came when he was talking about tearing up while chopping onions, “Life’s hard enough as it is, you don’t need to cry anymore.”

That was hilarious, but so true. I hate tearing up and blowing my nose every time I want some onions. I had gotten one of the push-down choppers before, but it didn’t work so well. The blades were positioned in an X so all kinds of food would get stuck in the empty spaces between the blades and sit there while I chopped the rest of it far too small. The thing that caught my eye was how the blades on the Slap Chop were situated, they were in a W shape with very little space between the chopping areas. When it arrived — along with a great cheese grating gizmo — the Slap Chop actually lived up to the late-night hype.

I made myself a batch of nachos in about two minutes; most of that time was used finding all the veggies in my fridge. I even wiped down the blade in the minute that the nachos were sitting in the microwave. I have to say I’m quite impressed with the food chopper. And the cheese grater was fantastic for pasta dinners.

Check it out yourself and buy a Slap Chop, you will be happy.

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